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– Approximately 75-80% of human trafficking is for sex.
– There are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history.
– 300,000 or more girls are sold into sex slavery in Nepal and India every year.
What can you do to change this?

Building a Legacy.

The BHBA Freedom Foundation

We at the BHBA believe we are truly blessed to live the western lifestyle that embraces independence and freedom. We not only love the rodeo way of life, we care deeply for children and we know this – God loves freedom and He wants all of His children, no matter how small or far away, to experience liberty.

This conviction led us to establish the Bucking Horse Breeders Association Freedom Foundation to free boys and girls worldwide from the horrors of sex trafficking.

There are more slaves on the planet today than all of history combined – over half are under the age of 16. The majority of these precious little ones are being exploited for sex. We believe this evil cannot continue.

It is also the BHBA’s purpose and passion to answer this evil with goodness in the form of freedom and a transformed life. This includes housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, job training and micro-loans for those we liberate to start their own sustainable business, never to be slaves again.

We who love freedom have an obligation to give this gift to those who have no choice, no hope. Join us in breaking the chains of slavery one life at a time.

One-time and monthly gifts are tax deductible. The Bucking Horse Breeders Association Freedom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in Texas and serving the world.

100 percent of your donation will go directly to rescuing and sustaining slaves, giving them hope and a future.